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Real stories, real life – medical travel insurance

Behind every Able2Travel policy there is a story - special journeys and holidays made by people who are living with medical conditions, or have a partner with health problems.

Thanks to the work of our team, these journeys have been made with peace of mind knowing that travel insurance and cover for pre-existing medical conditions was in-place and would provide protection, if needed.

Postive solutions for medical condition travel insuranceCustomers sometimes ask us to share their stories so others can learn about the policy options that we can provide for people with newly-diagnosed and pre-existing medical conditions.

So, today we take a moment to share two brief stories and celebrate successfully-found insurance cover. We also want to thank our customers for sharing their positive feedback about their experiences.

A tale of time… most of us feel we have too little, especially when busy planning for a trip abroad. When also dealing with a health condition there may be prescription medications to remember and special arrangements to make, including the search for vacation insurance that provides cover for known medical conditions..

We recently heard from a customer who shared her story of finding medical travel cover for an upcoming vacation cruise. Remarkably, she had spent hours and had called at least 5 companies before finally finding the policy, customer service and price she needed with Able2Travel. Mrs. D contacted us to share her positive feedback.

“I thought Able2Travel were amazing, the staff were most helpful and very polite. Arranging my travel insurance was made very easy, they had to call me back and were most prompt in doing so. I have several health problems, had called quite a few companies, but found their staff the most helpful and the price to be the most reasonable by far. Full marks to the company and to all who work there. I will recommend them to all my friends, and will use them in the future. Many thanks.” - Mrs D.

Sometimes, a newly-diagnosed medical condition can throw a spanner in the works with trip plans. We work with people in this situation to help them find the cover they need so they can still go on their holiday with peace of mind and with appropriate insurance for their new medical conditions.

“My husband has suffered a mild heart attack a few weeks ago and we were booked to go on vacation which involves a short flight. The company we had taken out a travel policy with would not insure him. Our local cardiac rehab unit had given us a brochure for Able 2 Travel who I contacted and they were very helpful, they took all details and phoned me back the same day. Everything was completed and we can know go on holiday knowing we have the right insurance cover.” - Mrs W.

When planning a trip – whether it’s a short break, or the adventure of a lifetime – it’s important to make sure you have appropriate travel cover. The right policy can protect you against the expenses of unexpected medical emergency medical care, medical repatriation, cancellation of your holiday, loss of your luggage and many other problems.

With over 15 years’ experience helping people with medical conditions to obtain suitable insurance, the Able2Travel team have the knowledge and resources to offer you effective insurance solutions at competitive prices. Call us today on 01892 839 501 or go online to www.able2travel.com

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Able2Travel is here to help you obtain travel insurance, even if you have a health problem or a pre-existing medical condition.
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If you have any health concerns, always consult your doctor before travelling.

Author: Michèle