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Travelling with prescription medications

Medical condition travel insuranceTravelling can often be an exciting adventure, either by choice, or by circumstance when things don’t go as planned. It is wise to be prepared and this is especially important when a traveller is depending upon prescription medications to maintain and protect health.

Plan well ahead of your trip, the NHS advises, “If you need prescribed medication for your health condition, talk to your GP or practice nurse about your travel plans at least two months before your departure date. They can tell you if you need to make any special arrangements.”

Consider asking your travel insurance provider about cover for your prescription medications. Specialist travel insurance providers such as Able2Travel can help you find cover for medical conditions AND some protection for costs related to replacing prescriptions if they are in your travel baggage and it is lost or damaged.

It is also very important to make sure that your prescription medication is permitted in the country to which you are travelling, including countries you are passing through.

Some countries have very strict requirements regarding certain drugs. In some cases medicines available in the UK are considered illegal substances in other countries. To check the requirements regarding your own prescription, your doctor may be able to provide helpful resources and you can visit the websites of embassies and other diplomatic agencies.

Keep your medicines and prescriptions well-organised and always keep an ample supply of essential medications in your carry-on luggage for your journey, including extra in case of delays or if your luggage gets lost! Consider packing your medications in a clear plastic bag with the prescription written by your doctor. You will need to check airline restrictions regarding liquid medicines. Your pharmacist can also provide advice and potentially repackage certain medicines in smaller, properly labelled, containers for you.

If your medicine needs to be kept cool, you may need to use a cool bag or ice pack. Have a back-up plan for keeping your medications cool for extended periods of time in the event of unexpected delays.

Take your doctor’s prescription with you. Be aware that some overseas pharmacies may only fill prescriptions written in that country, so if your prescription is lost, you may need to see a doctor in the country you are visiting and have your diagnosis verified in order to get a similar prescription and medicine. Having your doctor’s prescription and contact information with you may be very helpful in this process.

If your prescription medication is in your baggage and is lost for more than 12 hours or damaged, it could be costly to have it replaced with similar medication. Able2Travel provides up to £500 cover for loss or damage to prescription medications subject to the excess and the terms of the policy. Call 01892 839 501 for a free quote from our friendly team and to learn more today.

~ Happy travels from the Able2Travel team.


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Please note, this article is for your interest and to encourage you to think about how you will need to handle your own specific prescription medications when travelling. For qualified professional advice always consult your doctor before travelling.

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