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Improvements to the Able2Travel 2013 policy

We are always looking to find ways of improving Able2Travel travel insurance to provide you with more benefits and better value for money.

We have some exciting new additions to the 2013 Able2Travel policy. We are now able to cover single trip holidays up to 184 days meaning you can purchase a policy to cover a longer stay of up to 6 months up to the age of 64.

For Double Cover policies we have also added Catastrophe & travel disruption cover. This provides travellers with extended cover to cancel or curtail their trip in the event of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, World Health Organisation or a regulatory body in the country you are travelling to, prohibiting all but essential travel.

This additional cover also protects you in case airspace is closed due to volcanic ash allowing you to claim for travel delay, including the costs of additional accommodation if necessary.

If the country you are visiting is unfortunate enough to experience some kind of natural disaster such as floods or an earthquake, before or during your trip, the Catastrophe cover enables you to claim for any irrecoverable costs for unused accommodation and pre-booked excursions that you may incur as a result of the situation. Similarly if you are forced to move from your accommodation due to a natural disaster you are able to claim any additional costs incurred due to having to move to other similar accommodation, or accommodation costs incurred if it is necessary to return home.

Able2Travel still provides cover for a wide range of medical conditions that are generally not covered by mainstream travel insurance policies. Our dedicated team offers a caring and sensitive solution to helping you find the most appropriate travel insurance for your needs.

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Author: Adam