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About Us

Able2Travel is a trading name operated by Voyager Insurance Services Ltd

We provide sensitive and confidential customer service and help people who have pre-existing or newly diagnosed medical conditions to obtain the travel insurance they need.

Able2Travel began when one of the founders discovered that the travel insurance provided by the travel agent for their holiday excluded any claims arising from her husband's heart condition.
Fortunately, nothing occurred on that trip; however she was concerned that many people travel abroad believing that, for example, will cover claims related to existing medical conditions when very often that is not the case.
This presents a tremendous financial risk to people with pre-existing medical conditions because even relatively minor treatment in the USA, or an air ambulance home from Spain, could cost thousands of pounds. Insurers are unlikely to meet the cost of these claims if the cause is an undisclosed, pre-existing medical condition.
At Able2Travel we treat every case on an individual basis, taking into account the medical condition and the intended holiday, such as the area visited and the length of stay. In order to provide cover for a particular condition underwriters may require an additional premium.
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