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European Vehicle Breakdown Cover From Able2Travel

Able2Travel European Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Taking your vehicle on holiday to Europe – Do you need Breakdown Cover?

If you are planning on taking your vehicle or motorbike on your trip to Europe and it breaks down, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Not only can the cost of transporting your vehicle back to the UK cost thousands of pounds if it breaks down without EU Breakdown cover, you may also incur the cost of additional travel or hotel costs whilst you are sorting it all out. This is where our European Vehicle Breakdown Insurance cover and the 24/7 English speaking helpline and roadside service can help.

Our European Vehicle Breakdown cover also provides protection from the risk of unexpected roadside repairs and recovery costs that will help get you back on the road so that you can continue enjoying your trip or return home.


What else is Covered on our European Breakdown Cover Policy?

  • Cover before you leave
    • Breakdown assistance – Unlimited
    • Replacement vehicle (per day) - £2000 (£100)
  • Emergency roadside repairs and getting your vehicle to garage - £250
  • Getting you home or helping you continue your journey
    • Replacement vehicle (per day) - £2000 (£100)
    • Additional accommodation (per night) – £450 (£45)
  • Spare parts delivered for essential repairs – Unlimited
  • Damage to the vehicle after theft or attempted theft - £100
  • Getting the insured vehicle back
    • Vehicle storage – £100
    • Returning the vehicle - £750
  • Collecting the insured vehicle from continental Europe
    • Vehicle collection - £600
    • Vehicle storage - £100
  • If there is no qualified driver available for the insured vehicle
    • Transporting home – Unlimited
    • Vehicle storage - £100
    • Additional accommodation - £450 (£45)
  • Customs duty cover
    • Vehicle disposal (duty cost) – Unlimited (£500)
  • Guarantee of Spanish bail deposits - £1,000
  • Legal Expenses - £10,000
    • Judicial hearing in continental Europe - £2,000


Click here for the European Vehicle Breakdown Cover Policy Wording where you can see the full European Breakdown Cover Benefits Schedule.


European Breakdown Insurance – Policy Features Snapshot

Here are just a few of the great benefits that come with our European Breakdown Cover:

  • Cover for vehicles up to 9 years old (14 years subject to payment of the appropriate additional premium as shown on your certificate) - on a single trip or annual multi trip basis.
  • 24 hour emergency assistance call centre with English-speaking staff - helping you at the most difficult time.
  • Cover starts before you even begin your journey - if your vehicle experiences a breakdown or accident and cannot be repaired, or if your vehicle is stolen within 7 days of departure, you can claim up to £2,000 for hiring a car to travel as planned.
  • Emergency Breakdown Assistance - if your vehicle cannot be repaired by the side of the road, then we will organise a tow to take the vehicle to a local garage for repairs.
  • No driver: If there is no qualified driver available to drive the insured vehicle, due to accident or injury, we will provide a replacement driver to get you back to the UK.
  • No Excess on any part of the policy
  • Repatriation of the vehicle and passengers back to the UK - if the vehicle can't be fixed abroad or before the end of your trip, if less than 5 days.
  • Cover available for vehicles defined as: a car, motorcycle over 150cc, motorised caravan, minibus, light van, estate car or 4x4 sport utility vehicle registered in the United Kingdom.


For the full Benefits Schedule and EU Breakdown cover policy terms, conditions and exclusions you can access the full European Vehicle Breakdown Cover policy wording here.

How do I get European Vehicle Breakdown Cover Quote

It’s quick and easy to get an European Breakdown Insurance quote: just click the ‘Get a Quote’ button to get a European Vehicle Breakdown Insurance quote online, or if you prefer to speak with someone then you can call our EU Breakdown Insurance team direct on 01483 806 680.