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Ski Holiday Travel Insurance
Ski Holiday Travel Insurance

Able2Travel Travel Insurance explains the features and benefits of extensive travel insurance for ski more

Vaccine Passports and Travel for the over 50's – Able2Travel Travel Insurance
Vaccine Passports and Travel for the over 50's – Able2Travel Travel Insurance

With the vast majority of people aged 50+ in the UK now having received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, many are set to begin planning a well-deserved trip overseas. However, the news of Vaccine Passports has left many confused and wondering what exactly a Vaccine Passport is and what type of proof is sufficient when travelling abroad or embarking on a more

Do I need Medical Condition Travel Insurance for a Staycation?

Buying travel insurance prior to travelling overseas to help cover a number of uncertainties that come with going abroad, especially if you have a medical condition, have been a saving grace for many. Protection against loss of medications, damaged baggage, cancellation and emergency medical expenses are amongst the features of having an extensive travel insurance policy. However, travel insurance seems to be forgotten from the list when planning a UK more

How to help prevent your travel plans being ruined by COVID-19

Whilst the UK Government have given the thumbs up to ending many current COVID related restrictions, including the international travel restrictions, there are still a number of questions surrounding travel due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty causing reluctance amongst travellers. Will flights be cancelled? What happens should I need to rearrange? Is the hotel flexible should I need to cancel? Will accommodation be COVID-safe? more

What is the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and do I still need Travel Insurance?

The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) was launched to replace the existing European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), following the UK’s exit from the European Union as a result of Brexit.

In this article, we take a look at the new GHIC answering common questions for example: how it differs to the EHIC, how you apply for one, and whether your existing EHIC will still be more

How Does the UK Government Travel Traffic Light System Work?

The UK government announced plans to remove its travel ban and begin reopening international travel once again via a traffic light system from May 17th 2021. Whilst holidaymakers across the country are relieved to hear the news and look forward to planning their next trip, there has been some confusion as to which countries UK tourists can visit, what each traffic light colour means and which rules for testing and quarantine are in place under each traffic light colour category.

Able2Travel Travel Insurance have broken down the traffic light system in an easy-to-digest format to ensure travellers can understand the system in place, make their own informed decision of where to travel to and gain an understanding of the obligations to be followed upon returning to the more

I have a Pacemaker. Can I still get Travel Insurance?

Able2Travel Travel Insurance explains travel insurance cover for people with more

Travelling post-brexit

Able2Travel Travel Insurance present 5 handy hints on what to expect when travelling more

Solo Travel for the over 50's on the rise

Able2Travel Travel Insurance present travel trends for the over 50's which includes destinations, countries and the benefits of travel for those over more

Tips for travelling with a medical condition

Able2Travel Travel Insurance presents some tips on travelling with a medical more