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Short Haul Edition

Posted in General Easter, Easter Travel, Travel Destinations, Short Haul on 29 March 2022

As travel restrictions for the UK officially ended on the 18th of March 2022, now is the perfect time to get away and enjoy a holiday (or two!). But after 2 years of potentially not travelling, we thought you might be interested in some ideas for places to go, things to do whilst you are there and what you ought to remember when travelling this Easter. Well, here at Able2Travel we have put together a series of Easter Travel related articles to help you with just that.

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Short haul holidays

As you may not have travelled at all or at least very little over the last 2 years, you may prefer not to travel too far this Easter. If this is the case, then a short haul destination could be what you are looking for. Luckily, there are so many fantastic short haul destinations for you to consider this Easter, it may make it difficult for you to decide!

To start with: The Mediterranean!

Everywhere in the Mediterranean is going to be lovely this time of year and it is not going to be so hot that you feel as if you are melting!


Greece is a wonderful spot in the Mediterranean for you to consider. Whether you are tempted to go island hopping or simply enjoy some of the local cuisine, Greece offers a great, budget friendly option for your Easter getaway. With a combination of beautiful settings, great weather, impeccable food and a superb selection of hotels, there is so much to enjoy in Greece!


Italy offers vacations for everyone, whether you would enjoy a vineyard tour in Tuscany or you are still chasing some winter snow in the north of the country (Remember to check your Travel Insurance policy covers you for Winter Sports if you are looking at this type of holiday). Maybe you are more interested in a cultural experience in Rome or Pompeii or perhaps you would prefer to relax and enjoy the sights the Amalfi Coast has to offer. If you are struggling at all to come up with ideas of what to do in Italy, then you should definitely consider a gondola ride in Venice or visit the lakes of Garda or Como for a peaceful, tranquil experience. Plus, wherever you go, be sure to try some traditional, local Italian cuisine!


Croatia would be another superb choice and temperatures here will be just as warm as Greece this Easter! It is a must visit country for the beautiful landscapes, breath taking coastline and the ancient port town of Dubrovnik is full of history. We are sure that you will be in awe of all that is on offer here. Some other stunning destinations in Croatia for you to consider include Hvar and Split!

If those options are not quite right for you then you may wish to consider Portugal or Spain.

Portugal or Spain

Temperatures here will reach and exceed the 20oc mark in both countries, so you are almost guaranteed to find some Easter sun and potentially get a tan again (not that I remember what one of those is)! Portugal is perfect for any keen golfer having developed into one of Europe’s premier golfing destinations with 31 courses in the Algarve alone! Don’t worry though, playing golf is not the only thing you can do in Portugal, there are several sights to see in Lisbon or Madeira, and numerous beaches to relax on in the Azores and the Algarve.

Spain offers the same irresistible temperatures, fantastic beach vacations in Majorca, Tenerife or Marbella and beautiful city breaks in Barcelona, Seville or Madrid. If architecture is something you are interested in, then you will be well catered for in Spain, with some exquisite architecture being exhibited in all the cities. This is no truer than in Barcelona, with the works of Antoni Gaudi to admire, beautiful gothic style churches and wide plazas too, you will be sure to get an eye full…


This brings us nicely onto France, more specifically Paris, and the Parisian delights on offer in the French capital. Of course, the Eiffel tower is an iconic landmark in this city but there is also great food on offer and a chance to walk down the famous Champs-Élysées, part of the most famous finishing stage in cycling, the Tour de France. Whether you are looking for a romantic setting or wanting to try some of the finest food in Europe, Paris should certainly be on your list of places to visit this Easter.

Canary Islands

If you were wanting to travel slightly further afield, then you should definitely consider the Canary Islands. Although not technically a short haul journey, the Canary Islands are still reachable in 4.5 hours and are incredible beach holiday destinations. With near enough year-round lovely weather, spectacular wildlife to see and even volcanoes to explore, there is plenty more to do than just enjoy the spectacular beaches!

We hope wherever you choose to go and whatever you decide to do, that you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy finally being able to travel again!


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