Why is Wintersports Cover Important?

Posted in General on 23 November 2018

Able2Travel is similar to many other travel insurance policies in that it allows you to take part in winter sports with the payment of an additional premium.

So if you or your family are heading to Europe this winter for a skiing holiday or perhaps going further afield snowboarding in America or Canada there are a few things you need to know if you choose not to include wintersports cover on your travel insurance policy.

You won’t be covered for medical treatment you may require as a result of doing wintersports activities

This may seem obvious but if you get injured whilst skiing any medical treatment you require will not be covered. This would also include any pre-existing medical conditions, including heart conditions, that may be aggravated by the increased activity. The additional premium is there to cover the increased risk of doing these activities.

The EHIC doesn’t cover piste rescue

While the EHIC does cover you to receive the same medical treatment that a local would receive from state facilities, all piste rescue companies are privately run. Therefore if you were unfortunate enough to need a helicopter piste rescue and you did not have wintersports cover on your travel insurance, you would have to foot the bill yourself which is likely to run into thousands of pounds

Your skiing equipment is unlikely to be covered under normal baggage cover

All travel insurance policies are slightly different, but because ski and snowboard equipment is expensive it is unlikely to be covered fully by the policy limits of the baggage section. Similarly most policies will exclude cover for sports equipment whilst in use, so if they are damaged while skiing you are unlikely to have a valid claim.

Able2Travel Wintersports cover will enable you to cover these items on your policy, even if they are rented. Meaning if you damage or lose your rental skis and you are charged by the ski rental company then, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to claim on your travel insurance policy.

As you can see, If you or your family are going skiing or snowboarding this year, it makes real sense and could save you a lot of money if you make sure you have wintersports cover.

Wintersports cover is included automatically on Annual Multi-Trip policies can be added to an Able2Travel Single Trip policy, with the payment of an additional premium, to make sure you have cover whilst skiing or snowboarding including cover for your medical conditions.

We hope you enjoy your travels this Winter and that you have appropriate cover in place for whichever travels you undertake.

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