BIBA Travel Medical Directory for Serious Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – Able2Travel

For people with serious medical conditions looking for travel insurance cover

If you have previously been declined Travel Insurance cover due to a pre-existing medical condition or feel that you have had to pay a large premium to cover your conditions, you may benefit the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) Travel medical directory of approved medical Travel Insurance specialists for serious pre-existing medical conditions.  

The BIBA Travel Medical Directory for Serious Pre-Existing Medical Conditions only lists Travel Insurance providers that fulfil criteria for medical Travel Insurance cover and we are pleased to state that Able2Travel Travel Insurance is included in this list. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are looking for Travel Insurance, then you can click here to find out if your medical condition is covered and get a quote for Able2Travel Travel Insurance

What is the BIBA Medical Travel Insurance Directory?

Similarly, the BIBA Travel Insurance Directory has been created by the British Insurance Brokers' Association for travellers that may have been declined Travel Insurance protection, had their medical condition excluded from cover or have received a high additional premium in connection to their medical condition(s). 

Able2Travel Travel Insurance are proud to be a selected Medical Travel Insurance provider for BIBA and this demonstrates the quality of the Travel Insurance cover Able2Travel can offer travellers with pre-exiting medical conditions. 

How can I access the BIBA Directory?

  • By Phone – call 0370 950 1790, they are open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm 
  • Online – you can visit the online BIBA Travel Insurance directory for a full list of medical Travel Insurance specialists by clicking here.

Can Able2Travel Travel Insurance help?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may have experienced difficulty finding suitable and affordable Travel Insurance. Able2Travel Travel Insurance is here to help and can offer policies to cover most medical conditions. We strive to offer travellers appropriate Travel Insurance cover where possible for your pre-existing medical conditions, in order for you to make a decision on the right policy for your needs, so you are able to travel. 

Able2Travel Travel Insurance policies offers extensive protection for your trip including but not limited to the following benefits: 

  • Trip Cancellation – up to £5,000 
  • Emergency Medical Cover – up to £10 million 
  • Baggage – up to £3,000 
  • Trip Interruption – up to £5,000 
  • Travel Accident – up to £20,000 
  • Emergency Transport - Reasonable Costs
  • Personal Money – up to £500 
  • Legal Expenses - up to £20,000    

How do I get an Able2Travel Travel Insurance Quote?

It’s quick and easy to get an Able2Travel Travel Insurance quote for medical conditions: just click the ‘Get a Quote’ button to get a medical conditions Travel Insurance quote online, or if you prefer to speak with someone then you can call our team direct on 01483 806 826

All Travel Insurance for medical conditions enquiries are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the Able2Travel Travel Insurance policy, our specialists have access to a wide range of Travel Insurance options and will assist you in finding travel cover for all medical conditions. 

The Able2Travel Travel Insurance policy is used whenever possible, and a suitable alternative Travel Insurance policy may be offered for more serious health problems. 

For a Travel Insurance with medical conditions quote please call 01483 806 826 or click the button below!