Able2Travel's Top 10 Travel Tips

Useful tips for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions

1. Take your Travel Insurance documents with you

Your Policy Wording gives emergency helpline telephone numbers and provides full information on the details that will be necessary should you need to make a claim.

2. Passports/Visas

Make sure all passports, visas, vaccinations and health requirements are up-to-date and valid for the duration of your trip, and be sure to take all necessary documents with you.

3. Medical Conditions

Declare to your insurers any medical conditions you or your travelling companions may have. Ensure you have full cover before you accept the insurance. Remember to declare if a close relative is seriously ill – this can affect your cover if you have to cancel your policy.

4. Hazardous Activities

Ensure that your travel insurers are aware of any hazardous activity you intend to participate in – such as mountaineering, canoeing, bungee-jumping, marathon running etc. These may be included automatically in the cover, or may be added if you ask, possibly for an additional premium.

5. Travelling Companions

Always ensure that at least one of your travelling companions is insured on the same policy as you. Otherwise a sick or injured person may have to travel home alone. Remember some Travel Insurance providers are willing to cover all the party but would exclude anyone with an existing medical condition. Take the example where Mum and Dad book a holiday for themselves and three children. Because Dad has undergone heart surgery the travel agents/bank policy is issued for Mum and the children only. Dad has to arrange a separate policy. In the event of cancellation of the holiday due to a recurrence of Dad's heart problem, the travel agents or bank policy is unlikely to reimburse the cost of the holiday for Mum and the Kids. In these circumstances all the party should be on one policy – one that accepts Dad's condition.

6. Medication

Take sufficient medication. Include extra supplies and where possible always pack this in your hand luggage.

7. Home Contents Insurance

Check your home contents insurance. Make sure that your more valuable items are covered whilst you are on holiday. Most travel policies limit the amount they will pay for individual items and have an overall limit for valuables. Take care of your belongings at all times. If you fail to take good care, the insurers may not settle your claim. Remember any loss MUST be reported to the local police and/or airline and a written report obtained. Keep all documentation including tickets and receipts, as these will be required by the insurer to substantiate your claim.

8. Personal Belongings

Do not leave personal effects unattended anywhere except in a locked hotel safe (or equivalent) or locked in your private accommodation.

And Lastly...

Take the right precautions and the right insurance to ensure you are 'Able2Travel' with complete peace of mind.